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The cemetery is located on a privately owned farm located at 3328 New Burlington Rd. in Chester Twp.,
Clinton County, Ohio.  Originally, the farm was owned  by Archibald Peterson, who is buried here.

Prior to 1999 this cemetery had fallen into disrepair with overgrowth of trees and grass.

Restoration of the cemetery was accomplished from July to November, 1999.  Total nunber of known
burials are 56. The work was performed by Charles Pierce and Charles Thomas, both of Xenia, Ohio. 

The oldest grave in the cemetery appears to be that of John Stingley, who died in 1826. 

The newest grave is that of Sarah Stingley, who died in 1901. 

The earliest birth of anyone in the cemetery appears to be that of Mary E. Louderman, who was born
“about” 1765. Daniel and Rosanna Huffman were both born in 1778, as verified by records of Hardy County, VA. 

During restoration of the cemetery, during the summer and fall of 1999, some gravestones were found
buried under the bases of other grave markers. Although they have a monument with both their names
on it, individual stones for Rosanna and Daniel Huffman were found beneath the base of the large
monument marking the grave of their son, Solomon Huffman. A stone was found for Ann M. Crites
although she is listed on the monument with her mother and father as “Anna Mary” Crites. These
stones have been placed flat on the ground beside the markers where these individuals are listed.
A large ornate gravestone was found with the name of Jesse Peterson, although he also shares a
 later common marker with his wife, Eleanor.  This stone, due to its size and beauty, was reset beside
 the later marker. A large stone originally erected on the grave of Jacob Peterson was also found.
 This stone was broken into many pieces and found beneath the monument of Job Crites. Extra stones
 are also present for Jacob and Hannah Peterson.


CONKLIN,  Birdie L.,  dau. of A.D. and I.J. Conklin,  d.  9-10-1889,  age  9 mo.  3 da.

CRITES, Job,   d.  4 -19 - 1870,  age  59 yr.  15 da.

CRITES, Jane,   w. of Job Crites,  d.  4-6-1895,   age 76 yr.  5 mo.  24 da.

CRITES, Anna Mary, dau. of Job and Jane Crites,  d.  4-6-1859,  age  9 yr.  15da.

CRITES, Christiany,  w. of Job Crites,   d.  2-7-1849,  age  48 yr.  10 mo  19 da.

CRITES, Mary E.,  dau. of J. and C. Crites,   d. 1-15-1847,  age  9 mo.  4 da.

CRITES, Jacob D.,  b.  3-24-1838,   d.   10-20-1863

CRITES,  William T.,  b.  12-5-1843,   d.  10-4-1856 

EYMAN, Charlie,  son of F.P. and Mary Eyman,   b.  6-2-1876,   d.  3-4-1878

EYMAN, Hannah,  wife of George Eyman,   b.  Aug 13, 1803,   d.  May 29, 1900

FERGUSON, William,  s. of S. and M. Ferguson,  b. Prince William County, VA,  10-26-1804,  d.  12-23-1830

FISHBURN, Ann D.,   b.  12-17-1830,  d.  6-14-1833,  age 2 yr. 5 mo. 14 da.

FISHBURN, Eliza J.,  b.  7-13-1836,   d.  3-6-1840,  age  3 yr.  7 mo.  24 da.

FISHBURN, Daniel W.,  b.  12-6-1838,   d.  2-15-1840,  age 1 yr.

HAINS, Cyrus H.,  s. of J. and M. Haines,  d.  8-17-1847,  age 22 yr. 7 mo. 3 da.

HAINS, Samantha E.,  dau. of J. and M. Hains,   d.  11-16-1846,  age 18 yr.  5 mo. 19 da.

HUFFMAN, Daniel,   d. 12-14-1848,  age 70 yr. 9 mo. 10 da

HUFFMAN, Rosanna,   w. of Daniel Huffman,  d. 12-4-1846,  age  68

HUFFMAN, Solomon, b.  Hardy Co., VA.,  d.  12-4-1882,  age  81 yr.  9 mo.   10 da.10

HUFFMAN, Christina,  w. of Solomon Huffman,  b. Hardy Co., VA,  2-25-1805  d.  5-26-1832

HUFFMAN, James A.,  s of Robert M. and Emma R. Huffman,   d.  11-21-1872  age  2 yr.  1 mo.  26 da.

HUMMER, William,  s. of Amos and S. Hummer,  d.  1-8-1841,  age  8 yr.  2 mo


KING, Orville E.,   s. of C.W. and T. J. King,  d.  3-17-1891,  age  8 yr.  2 mo.  27 da.

LOUDERMAN, George,  d.  3-5-1849,  age about 66

LOUDERMAN, Mary E.,  w. of George L. Louderman,   d.  12-1848,  about 83 yr.

MOORE, Presley,  d.  4-11-1834,  age  37 yr. 8 mo. 13 da.

MUSSETTER, Christina,  w. of J.W. Mussetter,  d.  3-23-1854,  age  22 yr. 2mo.  26 da

PETERSON,  Jacob , Sr.,  d.  1-3-1867,  age  81 yr. 11 mo.  7 da.

PETERSON,  Hannah,  w. of Jacob Peterson Sr.,  d. 12-16-1857,  age 70 yr.  6 mo. 

PETERSON,  Jesse,  d. 9-25-1871,  age  58 yr.  7 mo.  28 da.

PETERSON,  Eleanor, b.  1817,  d.  1894

PETERSON, Jacob C.,   d. 4-28-1866,  age  20 yr.  4 mo.  22 da.

PETERSON, Edgar H.,   d.  11-4-1854,  age 1 yr.  9 mo.  26 da.

PETERSON,  Archibald,  d.  4-19-1891,   age 71 yr.  4 mo.  17 da.

PETERSON, Evaliner,   w. of Archibald Peterson,   d.  10-27-1856,  age  27yr.  1 mo.  2da.

PETERSON, James A.,  b.  4-26-1853,   d.  11-4-1879

PETERSON, M. L.,  w. of J.A. Peterson,    d.  5-14-1875,  age 23 yr 4 mo. 5 da.

PETERSON, Horace W.,  s. of  A. and M.C. Peterson,   d.  1-24-1871,   age 4 yr.  1 mo. 
PETERSON,  Lizzie H.,   dau. of A. and M.C. Peterson,   d.  4-25-1883,  age 14 yr  3 mo.  28 da.

PETERSON,  Abraham,   b.  1826,   d.  1900

PETERSON,  Naomi,   w. of Abraham Peterson,   b.  1830,   d.   1864

PETERSON,  Arthur H.,  b.  1853,   d.  1863

PETERSON,  Ann Janetta,   b.  1860,   d.  1863

STINGLEY, John,   b.  8-22-1792,    d.  9-6-1826

STINGLEY, Elizabeth,   d.  8-20-1877,   age 79 yr.  2 mo.  20 da.

STINGLEY, Soboston,   d.  4-20-1873,  age 80 yr.  7 mo.  28 da.

STINGLEY, Noah,    d.  4-8-1894,   age  75 yr.  1 mo.  14 da.

STINGLEY, Sarah,   w. of N.B. Stingley,   d.  2-8-1901,  age  79 yr.  5 mo.

STINGLEY, Elizabeth,  dau. of  N.B. and S.A. Stingley,  d.  6-15-1857,  age  5 yr.  11 mo.  15 da.

STINGLEY,  John A.,   s. of  N.B. and S.A. Stingley,   d.  1-25-1874,  age  19 yr.  10 mo.  15 da.

STINGLEY,  Lawson J.,   s. of N.B. and S.A. Stingley,   d.  9-20-1863,   age  4 yr.  3 mo.  21 da.

STINGLEY,  Emma C.,   dau. of  N.B. and S.A. Stingley,   d.  9-19-1863,  age  4 yr.  3 mo.  21 da.

STINGLEY,  Alonzo,   s. of  G.E. and N.A. Stingley,   d.  3-22-1870,   age  1 yr.  7 mo.  22 da.

ST. JOHN,  Chory E.,  dau. of  C.W. and H.M. St. John,   d.  9-15-1863,   age  1 yr.  1 mo.  12 da.

ST. JOHN,  Lilly Ann,    dau. of  C.W. and H.M. St. John,   d.  11-9-1876,   age 1 yr.  6 mo.  10 da.