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W. H. Beers: History of Clinton County

The W. H.Beers Co.'s History of Clinton County, by Pliny Durant, was published in the 1870s. It is an excellent
resource for the early history of the area, although somehwat flawed by being subscription-based for inclusion of prominent citizens' biographies.

The work is presented as it is scanned.  If you have a copy of this edition and would like to volunteer to finish the transciption
of this book please email.

Table of Content

    Chapter I - Physical Features: Geographical, Topographical, Geological, The Soils, Climatological.

    Chapter II - Pre-Historic.

    Chapter III - Ante-Pioneer Days. Border Struggles-Incidents Of The Early Days -Story Of The Deserted Camp-Frontier Happenings.

    Chapter IV - Land Grants, Entries And Surveys

    Chapter V - Pioneer Incidents. Earliest Settlements In Clinton County. Pioneer Peculiarities. Wild Animals. Development
    Of The County. Old-Time Agriculture, Improved Stock, Etc. Early Schools And Churches. Early Mills. Miscellaneous.

    Chapter, VI - Civil Organization Of The County. Townships First Erected And Their Subsequent Subdivisions. Court Houses
    And Jails. The Clinton County Infirmary. Clinton County Infirmary. Infirmary Directors. Clinton County Agricultural Society. The
   Clinton County Farmers' Institute. Clinton County Pioneer Society. Clinton County Auxiliary Bible Society.

    Chapter VII - The Courts And Civil List. Judges. Judges Of Probate. Prosecuting Attorneys Of Clinton County. Sheriffs.
    Coroners. Treasurers. Recorders. Clerks Of The Courts. Auditors. Representatives Of The State Legislature. The State Senators.

    Chapter VIII - The County Government-Statistics. Population.

    Chapter IX - Internal Improvements. Early Roads. Turnpikes, Plank Roads, Etc. Railways.

    Chapter X - Political. The Anti-Slavery Movement.

    Chapter XI - The Bench And Bar Of Clinton County.

    Chapter XII - The Medical Profession. Clinton County Medical Society.

    Chapter XIII - The Press Of Clinton County.

    Chapter, XIV - The Military History Of Clinton County. History Of The Regiments.